Sunday, 24 April 2011

Reza Salleh nombor 2 selepas Yuna ?? Lagu Stracciatella Best...

Anda kenal Reza Salleh?? Jujur aku tak kenal sape dia ni sebelum ni. Lepas je aku join, baru aku tahu Reza Salleh ni rupanya seorang penyanyi dan pencipta lagu. Beliau merupakan seorang pelajar jurusan Bachelor’s degree in Business Systems di Monash University yang kat Australia. Mau dengar lagu-lagu terbaru Reza Salleh dari album Realize sila klik SINI . Try Dengar lagu Stracciatella ..Best....

“It’s all about the music for Reza Salleh. Whether he is onstage performing or at front-of-house managing a gig, Reza is in it to enrich Malaysia’s music scene. True to his generation, Reza is progressive, bold and proactive.
As a budding singer-songwriter during his college days in Melbourne, Australia, Reza would rise above his fears and perform his music at live shows where critical audiences can be wittingly fierce with their judgement. That fellow Malaysian students who were in Melbourne at the time would testify that “even Aussie kids knew the lyrics to his songs” suggests real talent and an innate skill for showmanship in Reza Salleh. Years later in Kuala Lumpur, he would be one of the top names in the independent singer–songwriter scene.   Read More...Click Here

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