Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Adrenaline + emotional = Skip all the classes

Have you ever encountered days/week where you found yourself thinking about something when there's actually nothing or you just don't seem to know what's on your mind?

All I want to do is just hang around, skip classes and do nothing in my messy room.

This laziness is taking its toll on me. Not a good sight since I've assignments, final year project due in few more weeks & some presentation coming up. Not to forget, finals in few more months. I need to catch up on my reading & work. But now, seems like i ruined it all.

But now, my mood is already going back to the normal and I think that I can face anything start from now. Everything going to be ok!! Peace !! Allah Willing !! 

+ will be remove soon +


  1. baguslah kalau mood dah nak back to normal, rugi bila skip classes

  2. rajin2 kan lar diri anda.... ngeee

  3. sejak bilo mu ado spek mato ite?

  4. itu adalah spek mata tetttt..haha..
    baguslah jika sudah kembali normal..nak petua..coz i never cant get rid my laziness.i dunno how..
    teach me teach me (smbil hentak2 kaki..haha)

  5. orang laki tak elok emo sangat