Saturday, 30 October 2010

If you...

if you are going to love me,
love me now while i can know 
all the sweet and tender feelings,
love me now while i am living,
don't wait until i am gone,
and have it chiselled in marble,
sweet words on ice cold stone.

if you have tender thoughts of me,
why not whisper them to me?
don't you know it would make me happy?
and as glad as i can be.

if you wait until i am sleeping,
never to waken here again,
there will be walls of earth between us,
and i won't hear you then.

i won't need your kind words
when the grass grow over my face.
i won't crave for your love and kisses
in my low resting place.

so if you love me,
even a lil' bit,
let me know while i am living.
so that, i can treasure it.


  1. cewah, posing tu yg tak boleh blah. boleh jadi model shoot ni

  2. Aku tgk foto2 yg ko tangkap memang gorgeous, bro. Ada emosi tersimpan di sebalik foto. Ko ada bakat jadi photographer unggul.

  3. aiyak kantoi kaki nampak rumput hehehe...jgn marah ye bro gurau2 je..

  4. miemen :: nape ermmm??? sila jelaskan...

  5. Sasa Al-Sharif :: aceli ni gmbar tempat lain.. huhu...

  6. Jo Qusary :: ye ke??? cam biasa jew..

  7. HaNTwO :: alamak...hahaha...memang edit pun.. haha..