Thursday, 22 July 2010

Assignment Multimedia ~ Virtual Reality


The P5 has been specifically designed to enhance the PC game-playing experience and provides users with these extraordinary features:


Lightweight, ergonomic design for easy, intuitive play. Weighs just 4.5 oz.
Mouse-mode compatible with any application.
6 degrees of tracking (X, Y, Z, Yaw, Pitch and Roll) to ensure realistic movement.
Bend-sensor and optical-tracking technology to provide true-to-life mobility.
Easy, plug-and-play setup - plugs right into the USB port of your PC.
Infrared control receptor with scratch-resistant, anti-reflective lens.
East-to-use anywhere - desktop, living room, etc...

Finger Sensor Specs:

5 independent finger measurements.
0.5 degree resolution (0-90 degree range)

Tracking System Specs:

Patent pending optical tracking system.
3-4 foot range from receptor that allows unlimited range from monitor.
60Hz refresh rate.
6 degrees of freedom (yaw/pitch/roll/x/y/z)

XYZ Specs:
0.125 inch resolution @ 3 foot range from receptor and unlimited range from monitor· 0.5 inch accuracy @ 3 foot range from receptor that allows unlimited range from monitor.

Yaw/Pitch/Roll Specs:

1 degree resolution.
1 degree accuracy.

Unique Desk Mounted Receptor:

No power cord required.
Easy on / off removal systems.

USB System Specs:

USB 1.1 compliant.
HID Specification compliant.
2 USB Interfaces provided - Native P5 Mode, and Standard Mouse / Joystick Mode.

Supported Platforms:
Fully USB compliant, the P5 is compatible with the PC as well as Mac OS 9 and below.

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