Thursday, 15 January 2009

Something About Me !!!

~~just be yourself~~

1 What is your name?
Hi...huhu..wanna know my name??
I'm Wan Mohd Zulqhairi b. Wan Hasan.
When I asked my mother, who gave this name to me?
My mom said that, my late grandfather gave this name to me.
Actually he's not my biological grandfather. He just my family's neighbour.
Since my mom is still teenager he is already lived near to our house.
He was alone. His wife was already passed away. His children
also have no time to visit him. That's why he is very close to our family.
I really miss him till now. I hope he will be fine in the heaven.

You can call me Wan,Mohd,Zul,Qhairi or Que..
Why Que?? :D :D
People always ask this question.
Actually my classmate at Penang Matriculation College (PMC)
always complained at me. She said my name is too long.
And I always force them to call Qhairi, but not Hairi..
It is because in Arabic language, Qhairi means good,and kind.
But Hairi is no mean. After that she just called me Que.

2 Where are you from?
I'm from Kampung Kuala Kubang, Besut, Terengganu.
I love my hometown. For your information, near to my
house, there is a waterfall. It is Lata Belatan, there is also
a mountain called Gunung Tebu. There are a lot of river also.
I still remember, since I'm a kid, I always go to the river to play
andswim with my friends. But when back home, my mother will
angry at me.Since that moment, when I'm from river with my wet
clothes, I won't back home, but I will go to my late grandfather's house.
Huhuhu..I'm too naughty right.

3 What is your programme of study?
I study in Bacelor Science (Honor) of Mathematics. This is my seventh choice
in UPU's form. The rest course that in the list are all about Biology like, forensic,
Biochemistry, and physiotherapy. But all of them is not belonging to me. But it is
alright because I like Mathematics also. Everyday, we live with the numbers and
you have to accept that our life is like Mathematics. Think it wisely.!!!!

4 What do you like about your programme?
Everything. It's quite a little bit challengingand intereting. But when it comes
to career about this programme, I become confuse. What can I be other than a lecturer.
Some of my friends told that they wanna be a mathematician.
But what "mathematician" is all about???

5 What do you like to do in your free time?
Besides study, :D ...I like chatting, editing graphic using Adobe Photoshop,
listening to music, then, don't forget to watch Korean's drama. Then I also
like writing short stories and lyrics. But it just in Malay language.

6 What are you expectation towards General Writing Skills course?
My expectation towards this course just one, that is, I hope after I finish taking this
course I can write a short novel in English and also I can make a lot of lyrics and
poem in English.

7 What are your plans for the future?
I wanna have a big bungalow, a hotel company, 5 cars, and a lot of
branches of hotels. Don't forget to marry also.hihihi...

The most memorable event in my life is when my best friend lied to me. He is really hypocrite person. Although I already forgive him, but I still can't forget this memorable event.

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